Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions.


What will I be expected to wear for the spray tan?

During the tan itself you can wear a bathing costume, bikini, pants or whatever you feel most comfortable in, however obviously the more skin I can get to the better! I can provide paper pants if you wish. I also provide sticky feet and a lovely hair net, as we are aiming for perfection!

Can I go naked to avoid tan lines?

Most people prefer to wear their own pants, however if going on holiday and you want to avoid any tan lines for that certain bikini, then you can go naked if you wish. However this doesn’t apply to men but boxers, shorts or even a thong is absolutely fine.

What can I wear after the spray tan?

Anything loose and preferably dark, however if you do get any tan onto your clothing it will wash out. Avoid anything tight like bra’s, leggings, socks and shoes. If you do have to put something on your feet during your development time flip flops are best!

How long is the development time?

Vani-T vegan friendly, cruelty free and 95% naturally derived, premium solutions are rapid tans. Rapid tan means it is for your convenience, you can wash off earlier and still continue to develop. I will go through this with you on the day as we need to discuss the colour you want to be. Development time guide:
1 hr (Light), 2-4 hrs (Medium), 4-6 hrs (Dark), 8 hrs (Ultra Dark)/p>

Can I sleep in it?

The answer to this is yes you can sleep in it, however I would advise waiting for at least 2-3 hours after your spray tan.

Things to consider:
You need to have a few hours development time before getting into bed because creases in the covers could cause marks. The other thing to consider is nighttime dribbling and palms in-between legs or on your face and so on. Also consider children and partners laying on you during the night.

If you do decide to sleep in your tan there is also the possibility of some tan going on the sheets, however this should be minimal and it will wash out!

Should I get my nails done before or after my tan?

Preferably get your nails done before your spray tan if possible as the spray will not harm the nails in any way. You can have your nails done after your spray tan but only if they do not need soaking off in acetone, this will almost definitely remove the tan along with your gel nails.

What about lashes?

Again preferably get your lashes done 24/48 hours before your spray tan as the solution will not affect your lashes but they need to remain dry for this period of time. If you have your lashes done after your spray tan there is the risk of solution or under eye sticky pads removing your tan, no Pandas right?

Can I shave or wax after my tan?

Absolutely shave and wax 24/48 hours prior to your tan, it’s a must have! I appreciate some people have to shave more regularly than others. If you do have to shave after your spray tan then essentially you are removing some of your tanned skin along with it unfortunately! Using a shaving gel and sharp razor will help, definitely no dry shaving allowed!

Can I exercise during my development time?

Erm that will be a no! What you need to remember is during development time your tan needs to remain flawless! Sweating, getting wet, rubbing, dog licking and tight clothes will all affect the tan!

Just think of it as a flawless tattoo all over your body developing exactly as it is sprayed on, if you amend the tattoo that is the result you will get.

After wash off you can then exercise, run, wash the pots and wear whatever you like but still be mindful! Also try to stick to showers instead of baths too.

So you have a spray tan cabin based in Radcliffe on Trent, but can you come to my house or place of work?

I most certainly do have a lovely new log cabin based in Radcliffe on Trent, purpose built for spray tanning and I would love you to come and visit. Your Secret Cabin booking should last around 30minutes.

I do get very busy however if it is a special occasions with several spray tans at one house, place of work or hotel I may be able to still come out to you, just give me a call or text so we can arrange. If I come to you all I need is a little bit of space for the tent to be erected, a plug socket and some light! However if you would rather come to me in Radcliffe on Trent then you are more than welcome to do that too.

What do I need to bring with me to The Secret Cabin for my spray tan?

Preferably exfoliate prior to your visit and turn up on the day ideally with clean skin, no make up, no deodorant and no moisturiser. However if you have just come from work, I have wipes and everything you could possibly need so don’t worry too much. If you could bring loose, dark clothing and loose footwear with you to put on after your spray tan, as we don’t want any marks.

If the weather is wet please bring long sleeved outerwear and an umbrella!

Will you make me orange?

Absolutely not this is a professional spray tanning service and things have moved on since that episode of Ross from Friends, totally unecessary. Sunless Secrets use a Maximist spray machine and premium, cruelty free, vegan friendly and95% naturally derived products for a flawless, natural looking tan. That’s why it’s a secret, as no one needs to know its fake! You’ll just look great!

How long will my tan last?

Well this depends on several things, did you exfoliate prior to your tan, did you continue to moisturise daily after wash off, baths or showers, tight clothing etc but in general 7 – 10 days. You will find tan will fade from the hands and face first due to continuous washing and make up removers and so on.

You can also buy top up products to elongate the life of your tan, taking your tan life to around 14 days and longer, amazing! Sunless Secrets have top up products to match the spray solution so it’s a perfect match! Vani-T custard is our gradual tanner with 3% DHA great for topping up!! You may as well look gorgeously brown for as long as possible, right?

If I love it so much and want to book in straight away, how long will I have to wait?

Remember we want that perfect base, meaning all of the previous tan needs to be removed for the best finish! Ask about our tan erasers they are amazing! So with this in mind I would realistically say 10 to 14 days depending on your previous tan!

What should I do prior to my tan?

Great question as good foundations are key, would you paint a wall without prepping it? You wouldn’t get the best results without some preperation would you? Same for your spray tan!

If you could exfoliate your skin preferably 24 hours prior to your appointment paying attention to your knees, elbows and ankles. You can moisturise after this exfoliation but on the day of the tan we need totally clean skin, no moisturiser as it can create a barrier, definitely no oils, no jewellery, no deodorant or perfume.

How far do you travel?

Please see my travel map radius guide as there maybe a small additional charge outside this radius depending on your location. I have put this in place to remain fair to each and every client!

Travel Map
So you say I need to moisturise to maintain the life of my tan, but I’m confused which moisturiser to use?

Body butters are moisturiser based with just a few essential oils to hydrate the skin so they work very well! Basic Palmers or Nivea are great! Please be aware that the more expensive oil based products will remove tan quicker! Basically lots of basic moisturiser, avoiding expensive moisturisers with exotic oils!

I also have co-ordinating products to moisturise and extend the life of your tan.

What solution do you use?

Well after constant testing on my daughter and friends for the best colour, application, durability and the gracefulness of its departure I came up with the Australian brand Vani-T hands down the winner! If you’ve tried the rest then try the best, you wont look back! I also only wanted to use products that were kind to the skin and didn’t contain any hidden secrets.  Also being an animal lover, I only wanted to use products that weren’t tested on animals.

Velocity is Vani-T’s fastest, most advanced formula utilizing quad bronzing technology and a transdermal delivery system for the ultimate tanning experience. Scientifically proven to greatly increase penetration of tanning actives deep into the skin for fast, long lasting colour. Potent age-fighting and skin firming properties provide younger, more radiant looking skin. p>

DHA% 13.5% DHA Development time 1hr (Light), 2-4 hrs (medium, 4-6 hrs (dark), 8 hrs (ultra dark) Base colour – Chocolate base – suits all skin tones for the deepest, darkest tan.

Key Ingredients: 100% cruelty free, vegan friendly and 95% naturally derived Salon professional formula Made in Australia. Key Benefits Quad bronzing technology – tanning actives (DHA, Erythulose, Black Walnut Extract and Cosmetic Bronzers) combine to achieve true to life, realistic colour. Age-fighting and skin firming – luxurious Australian botanicals, vitamins and oils (Quandong, Kakadu Plum, Vitamins A, C & E) provide younger, more radiant looking skin. Super express development – transdermal delivery (Dimethyl Isosorbide) delivers colour in as little as 1 hour. Leave on for up to 8 hours for a darker result.Aromatherapy blend – no faux tan odour.


I’d love a spray tan for my wedding day but I’m worried about a few things?

The most important day of your life, so it has to be perfect! Sunless Secrets suggest a trial or two so we can get the colour exactly as you want it.

Why do I need a wedding trial?

So we can work out how the solution takes to your skin, as this is different for everyone.

So we can monitor your development time.

Choosing the right colour that you are happy with as this maybe different for your wedding day to the colour you normally have.

To work out how many days in advance you will be having your spray tan prior to your big day. We can work out when to book you in to get it perfect. We need to work around your schedule closer to the day!

We can only get the answers to these questions by having a trial.

Wedding trial suggestions!

You still want to get the most from your spray tan trial so you may as well put it to good use.

Hen night, get the bridesmaids involved, photographic trial, make up trial (this one is really important). Your foundation shade will need to be matched to your spray tan colour.

Pregnancy & Health

I am pregnant, is it ok for me to have a spray tan?

The answer to that question is yes, you will probably need a little boost and you deserve it! There is absolutely no research to say DHA is harmful and the solution doesn’t go any further than the top layers of your skin. Sunless Secrets only use organic based products, however like absolutely everything else we prefer to wait until after the trimester period has passed.

I’d Love a spray tan but I’m breastfeeding is this a problem?

Sunless Secrets tanning is completely compatible with breastfeeding and will not interfere with the milk what so ever! However babies have very sensitive skin, so we would recommend avoiding the breast area so that both Mum and baby are happy!

Do hormones and medication interfere with my colour?

Unfortunately the answer to that is quite possibly yes! If you find you’ve had a tan in the same solution but you are slightly lighter or darker than usual, then this will almost definitely be down to either where you are in your cycle or a change in medication. On the other hand it may not affect you at all, either way you will still look great but just making you aware it can alter the shade slightly!

Payments & Discounts

How do I pay?

Sunless Secrets currently takes cash or card on the day.

Do you offer group booking discounts?

FREE spray tan for the host/hostess, if you get 5 friends over at the same time!

Purchase 10 spray tans upfront and get a FREE Spray tan!

Get 2 friends to join you on the night and you all get 10% discount!

Wedding packages also available Free spray tan and luxurious tanning mitt for the bride to be!

See our Prices & Offers page for full details of discounts & group booking packages.

Prices & Offers
Do you offer discounts for multiple spray tans?

Sunless Secrets offer a loyalty card instantly given to you after your first spray tan. Offering discounts for your loyalty!

See our Prices & Offers page for full details of discounts & group booking packages.

Prices & Offers
What about product discounts?

Sunless Secrets offer a 10% discount on your first product purchase.


Do I have to pay if I cancel?

Cancellations – Over 24 hours notice

Sunless Secrets totally understand that last minute things pop up out of the blue! If you do need to cancel your appointment that is absolutely fine, all I ask is that you consider my time and inform me of your cancellation 24 hours prior to your appointment, this will incur no cancellation charge.

Cancellations – Less than 24 hours notice

However if you cancel any later than 24 hours there will be a 100% cancellation charge as I will no longer be able to fill that booking. No cancellation notice of your appointment causing a no show on the day or incorrect booking information provided by the client causing an unnecessary appointment, journey or loss of my time will also incur a 100% cancellation charge.


If you are running late please let me know at your earliest convenience. If I can still accommodate your treatment in the time remaining then I will however if you are more than 10 minutes late and I have other clients booked in this appointment will no longer be able to be facilitated and classed as a cancellation.

Contact for all cancellations

All cancellations must be sent directly to my work mobile 07946706381 and not sent to any other platform, as you can appreciate when I am working I do not have time to check all of the social media platforms. If you cancel on any other platform this will not count as a confirmed cancellation unless I reply and confirm that your appointment has been cancelled.

Cancellation payment

All cancellations will be sent a payment link by text and payment will need to be made within 24 hours. No further bookings will be processed until this payment has been completed.