Spray Tanning Tips

How to get ready for your Sunless Secrets Spray Tan, what to expect on the day and everything you need to know about aftercare and maintenance of your lovely tanned skin…

Prepping for that tan

24/48 hours prior to your appointment!

Shave, wax, exfoliate and then moisturise the new skin in preperation.

On the day!

Shower providing totally clean skin, no oils, no moisturiser, no deodorant and no jewellery just fresh clean skin. A blank canvas, moisturiser can work as a barrier so please do not make that mistake.

Things to think about…


Exfoliating removes dead skin and allows us to spray on new skin, elongating the life of your Sunless Secret as the new skin will remain for longer. New fresh skin also provides a smoother surface once the dry skin has been removed.


Preferably get your nails done prior to your tan, any spray will be wiped away easily without affecting your nails.


Shaving opens the pores and can create dots on the skin if the pores are still open.  Shaving also removes skin and can also cause lines if the skin hasn’t had time to calm down.Hence the shaving must be done 24/48 hours prior to your tan!


If you wax 48 hours prior to your tan this gives the skin time to settle down. If you wax after your tan the wax strip may take the tan off with it. I cannot spray you straight after a waxing session as this could cause a chemical colour reaction.

Contact lenses!

For hygiene and contamination reasons we would ask you to remove your contact lenses during your spray tan.


Please remove all of your jewellery during your spray tan, if you cant get a ring off we can spray over it and wipe it afterwards its not a major problem. But if we can have no lines then all the better.


Always have dark loose clothing ready for after your tan, floaty maxi dress or something loose fitting such as baggy joggers and sweatshirt and flip-flops! AVOID tight fitting clothes such as bra’s, waistbands, jeans, leggings and socks. A dressing gown once you get home is ideal!

Appointment Day!

What to expect on the day…

The Knock at the door! Ooh all nervous!

We arrive, service with a smile, always, always, always.

Where will we spray?

The kitchen is usually the best place, although we have tanned in bathrooms, lounges, dining rooms, hotel rooms, you name it. Ideally tiled or wooden flooring is best but we can always work around other surfaces. All we need is a plug socket and room for my tent to pop up and away we go.

The set up!

We can have a chat about the colour you desire and any previous tanning experiences you have encountered. Meantime we will be setting up ready for your spray tan. Pop up the tent, lay out the towels, pour the solution and lay out your sticky feet. The sticky feet are to protect the bottom of your feet, I also provide you with a hair net to protect your hair from any over spray too. This tan has to be flawless so we have to take everything into consideration.

The Preparation!

We will then ask you to step into the portable spray-tanning tent, the little tardas! Hand over your robe, come on it has to be done! Once it’s off, it’s off and you can relax its all going to be worth it. I will apply a small amount of barrier cream to any dry areas, as tan sticks to dry areas, I am sure you have all seen someone with over tanned hands, feet or elbows? The reason for over tanned area’s is poor preparation, so a little preparation saves a lot of embarrassment, perfection is the aim! So from here I will partially barrier your feet, hands, elbows and knees to prevent any evidence of fake tan, trust me, you will look gorgeous but natural!

The Spray Tan! Whoop exciting!

Ok, here we go, giggle time, I will talk you through several positions, making sure I spray every little bit of you that requires tanning. Starting with your face, side to side, front and back and I do the whole thing twice! We tan with a mist machine so the solution is a fine mist, achieiving a flawless, natural looking tan, its like like magic! Then a little blow dry, hmmm the warm bit, however because we spray in mist you are virtually dry anyway. We will exfoliate the palms of your hands, wipe away any over spray from your nails, remove your hair net, barrier your palms and ask you to step out of the tanning tent. Here we will remove your sticky feet and help you into your robe. Now it is time for you to relax and we will pack away, within 5 minutes you’ll never know we have even been, apart from when you get a glimpse of your gorgeous self every time you pass a mirror that is! 

Wave bye!

And we’ve gone, until the next time because there is always a next time, you just can’t help yourself, trust us, you’ll love it!

Tan Aftercare and Maintenance

After we’ve left!

We will leave you with an after care advice sheet, pointing out things to avoid like washing up, rain, dog licks, oh yes it all goes on, tight clothing and so on, please please please follow this advice during your development time. Imagine a big flawless tattoo all over your body, well it needs to stay that way until you wash off!  

Wash off time!

Sunless Secrets use rapid tans made for your convenience and can be washed off within 2-5 hours, We will discuss this during your spray, depending on several factors such as; the colour you would like, skin type and your plans for the rest of the day and so on. Avoid oils as oil brings tan off so a basic shower gel will be sufficient, if you wanted a special treat you could try the co-ordinating products to help maintain the life of your tan!

Wash off!

Ok, so that time has come, jump in the shower, let the water run until it is clear, it is not your tan you can see running down the plug hole it is just the guide spray, this needs to come off! Once the water is running clear, shower as you would normally, avoid oils, no exfoliating as we are now working on saving the tanned skin not taking it off. Once you step out of the shower pat dry with the towel instead of rubbing. Then from this point on moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!!! The aim of the game is to Keep that tanned skin for as long as we can.

Elongating that tan!

Starting from day 3 or 4 if you exchange your moisturiser for a gradual tan to match the spray solution of your choice. I will be able to provide you with co-ordinating products matching your spray, they will contain a small percentage of DHA (The tanning ingredient) this will continue to keep your tan topped up, elongating the life of your tan for around another week. Brilliant!

Tan removal time!

Every good thing must come to an end unfortunately, but when its time to go, its time to go. The best way to get rid of the remainder of your tan is to take a long soak in the bath with added oils and then use a Tan Eraser, I cannot recommend the Tan Eraser enough, amazing product that can be used over and over again! An absolute must have!