Exfoliation – The Secret to the Perfect Tan!

If you can imagine a newly painted wall, one that was nicely prepared, sanded down, filled and buffed compared to one that was left with bits of the old wallpaper, paint, holes, scuffs and then just painted over! Well the difference isn’t too different to preparing for a spray tan, not that I am comparing anyone to a scuffed wall may I add. I’m just trying to get the principle across here, a good foundation is key to a longer lasting, better finish on your flawless spray tan.

Skin sheds daily, so by exfoliating 24 hours prior to your spray tan will provide you with fresh new skin, enabling your tan to naturally last longer. Also, allowing the tan to come away with your natural skin shedding. If you really want to push the boat out then exfoliate and moisturise the whole week prior to your spray tan appointment. This will allow the growth of the new skin by removing the dry surface skin that is ready to naturally shed! No point tanning skin that is about to come away now is there? The moisturiser is to hydrate the new skin ready for the spray tan, so the new hydrated skin will last longer than dehydrated skin. I hope this is making sense to you and not confusing you even more.

If you wish to shave or wax, this must be done at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, NOT on the day! Shaving and waxing opens the pores and can cause dots or lines if not left to settle down allowing the pores to close properly. It is essential you do not shave or wax just before my visit! Also please make sure old tan has been removed.

If you wish to paint your nails or tint your eyebrows then firstly it depends on what nails you are having. If they are gel nails and will need to be soaked off in acetone then definitely get your nails done before your tan, the acetone will soak off the tan along with the nails. As for tinting your eyebrows the solution could react once combined with the spray tan solution and cause a chemical reaction. This could possibly lead to a change of colour to your eyebrows so this is also a big no no!

All of the above is great preparation for your gorgeous spray of luxurious Sunless Secrets solution but don’t confuse the information above with your actual tan day prepping.  That exciting appointment day has arrived! Bye bye pale skin, hello golden goddess! However on the actual day, you need to shower, no exfoliation, no moisturiser, definitely no oils, no make up, no jewellery just clean fresh skin and away we go!

The best tans are built on the best foundations!